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Parent’s Testimonials

It was a nice journey for our son, where his English communication and personality were improved substantially. Thanks to Niraj Team. Narne Murali Krishna Parent of Sai srikar grade X
Narne Murali Krishna
Parent of Sai Srikar Grade X
Both of my kids graduated from Niraj international school, and when we first arrived here, we were coming from another country. The transition from there to here was certainly very smooth. Furthermore, this school gave my kids many opportunities to excel. The teachers are also top notch. It is a wonderful institution that I am very grateful for.
Lokeshwari Mahanthi
Parent of Raasi and Lokesh Mahanthi


My daughter Narayani studies in Grade 3 IB. She has always followed Montessori method in Bangalore, when we decided to shift to Hyderabad, I was very worried about finding a good school. I wanted a school, which would teach my child the methods and logic’s behind the subject rather than memorising them, a school which would not pressure my child but encourage her to do her best not best among everyone, a school which would not let my child fall into the trap of learning everything fast instead of understanding what they are learning, a school which would not compare a student with each other since I firmly believe every child has his or her talent, a school which also understands that not only studies but other activities like sports, arts, dance, music and many more are also equally important and mostly a school which would not grade a student but give equal opportunity irrespective of how they perform. Finally I found NIRAJ INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL which met all my requirements.

Now after finishing 5 – 6 months, I am so happy to see my daughter experiencing every point I have mentioned above. A big thank you to all the teachers, principal and every member of the school for putting in so much effort to make sure they are giving better or I may go to the extent of saying best resources to make sure each and every child is growing into a beautiful and knowledgeable person. I don’t know what my daughter wants to be when she grows up that is her wish and she will have our full support but I want her to always be Happy and that is only possible when she enjoys her childhood without any kind of pressure.

Now I would like to mention a little about her teachers told by Narayani,

Dipali ma’am, her hindi teacher always encourages them, asks them not to feel sad if they don’t know the answers and always asks them to smile.

Jayashree ma’am, her English teacher always encouraging kids to think, understand and come out with an answer on their own and also how to be disciplined and makes class alot of fun.

Gayatri ma’am, her maths teacher always smiling, making maths fun like a puzzle.

Akhila ma’am, her stand alone ma’am always makes teaching fun, explains very well and always asks kids if they are comfortable with their home work and giving exciting activities to do.

Narayani is very fond of her teachers and she loves her school. Again thank you so much for making it so comfortable for her and going at an enjoyable pace.

A special thank you to Sridevi who took care of the admission so well and always replied back to my queries.


 I am proud mother of two kids, who are studying in NIS.

During admission for my elder son’s schooling, we visited many schools in the process and ended up at NIS in 2017. I liked everything about NIS from curriculum to school campus, activities as per child’s interest & skill to the responsive administration.

During All these year’s we had seen a consistent development in our child in every aspect . We have even joined our younger son in NIS this year, and happy to see him also learning and growing to our expectations.

Even during this pandemic, when every parent is scared and worried about online classes NIS management and teachers made sure that everything went smooth and remained comfortable to kids with interesting and joyful educational strategy without effecting the quality.

Even though all events were online, teachers didn’t miss celebrating and telling kids the true value of festival’s and their importance.

I would like to thank each and everyone one, from Principal madam to teachers and cordinator who made this journey so nice and helpful.

All the best to staff of NIS, sincerely appreciate your efforts and happy to be associated with you. We see our kids excel under your able GUIDANCE.


Proud  Parents of -Vihaan Ummanolla(3rd GR)
Rihaan Ummanolla(SR KG)

Rishi joined Niraj International School in middle of the academic year 2014. Although he was very shy and reluctant, he opened up gradually and started enjoying going to the school. All this could not be possible without the support of the school management and teachers of his class. When I look at where he started, the transformation in him is amazing.

Your regular communication with the parents and measures to resolve an issue has no wonder made your school a perfect place for students to be.

I would like to thank the management and all the teachers for providing continuous support to each and every student and in making them special in their own way.

Anupama Bhagwat
(Mother of Rishi Harish_Gr 1B)


Niraj International School has been great for my twins, they liked the school a lot for its friendly staff and infrastructure. It’s only been few months for us with this school, but so far our experience is great. This opinion comes from our family, where we own and run a school as well.
Mr.Anil Kumar Batchu
NIS…my daughter has been going here since her UKG days. I have see this school develop from a fledgling and blossom into a wonderful educational institution. My daughter has developed into a wonderful child in this cradle of knowledge and I wish the school further success and laurels.
Mr.Srinath Naidu
We are very convinced with the teaching methodology in Niraj International School, specially IB PYP. It has moulded my kids very well. I heartfully thank all the teachers for their ever extending support and all the other staff too.
Mrs. Niharika Devagupthapu
“ Niraj International school is a truly special place.Our child is happy and I have seen her grow emotionally, physically and educationally this year. The staff are very competent and caring professionals who treat each child as if they were their own.”
Mr. Ram Bandi
“I am glad to share my feedback with you regarding the Virtual Academic Year 2020-2021. I would like to appreciate NIS for the way online classes were conducted during this unexpected situation. It would have never been easy for kids to get adapted to new ways of virtual learning without the efforts of teachers and their support. I appreciate all the teachers of Grade -2 especially Mrs Jayashree for leading the team and ensuring smooth conduct of classes. Thank you all for guiding, supporting, encouraging and moulding Chetan throughout the year. Hoping for the same love and encouragement for Chetan for his upcoming Grade -3. All the best NIS, keep up the good work.”
Mother of Chetan Showry – Grade 2
It gives us immense pleasure to mention that our association with NIS has been one of the most satisfying experience filled with several fun filled memories. From the day we enrolled our daughter Bhadra to NIS in grade Nursery, we have seen great progress in her overall growth as a child in learning skills and languages. In the past three years Bhadra has transformed into a confident and caring child. We attribute this overall development of Bhadra to the love, care and coaching she received at NIS. Bhadra loves and enjoys coming to school which we believe is one of the key successes of the teachers and NIS team which has worked positivley towards making the child comfortable and have enjoyable experience at school during her initial years of education. We wholeheartedly thank the NIS teachers, Principal and PYP coordinator Mrs. Subbalakshmi Mam for the great support extended to Bhadra and providing many good memories to us as parents.
Vikas and Sreeparvathy
I am Parent of R. Avyukth, recently promoted to Grade 2. My child is new to the school last year and we as a parent much worried about the acclimatization of the child to the new atmosphere. We used to visit the school often interacting with the Principal, Ms.Subbu Lakshmi and the Home room teacher – Ms.Prasanna for the initial three months and was much worried about the things like food, transport,etc.etc. But I have observed the tremendous changes in so many things with my child especially the observation, interaction, thinking and deep attachment with the school and the class teacher. Really the interest towards any activity or education can only be possible only by the influence of the trainer which is much true in my child’s case. I want to thank and appreciate Ms.Prasanna for her passion, involvement, commitment and so many things. She is always treated as one of my family member by my kid. It can be clearly viewed from the child’s own representation that he has written on his own in the assessment (Attached here) which has taken me back to my childhood days. The affection and respect is so high that the kid is expecting the same home room teacher to get continued for Grade 2. It is really amazing! The next very pleasant thing was they never differentiate the sections like A and B and they move on hand as a single section. I have observed my kid treating Ms.Kanchan (I think I spelled right) on par with Ms. Prasanna. I wish and expect that this atmosphere exists ever in all the grades! Thanks Ms.Prasanna and entire Niraj Team.
Mrs. Anusha
Rachel Bishop (my daughter) has been enrolled at Niraj International School in Kompally for the past 3 school years (J.Kg, S.Kg & grade 1). She has thoroughly enjoyed her time at Niraj and I, as a parent, I have a very positive impression of the education she has received. She has had positive interactions with the teachers and the other students. In addition, the teachers are quite perceptive. Their reports on Rachel’s strengths and weaknesses show they are paying close attention to the children and accurately assession their positive areas and areas for improvement. I feel that Rachel has received a high quality education through her years at Niraj and has shown good growth both socially and intellectually. This growth has been largely the result of good teachers in the classroom as well as the wide variety of activities in which the students participate. During my visits to the school for parent – teacher conferences or organised school activities and presentations, my impression has been that the teachers genuinely care for the students. They show a tremendous interest in the growth and success of their students. Their interest in their students is plain for anyone to see during any parent – teacher or student – teacher interaction. My daughter would not have learnt as much as she has without the interest and concern of her teachers. For non-scholastic activities, my impression is equally positive. The bus drivers and attendants on the Niraj buses are different than many other bus companies that we see in India. They are very careful and show concern for the safety of the children. This was a major concern when my daughter first enrolled (Hyderabad is notorious for its poor driving skills) but it was a pleasant surprise that Niraj employees are not like the rest of the drivers and attendants. They are careful always and I appreciate it. Overall my impression of Niraj is quite positive and I am glad that we chose to place our daughter in this school during our time in India. Our family has spoken very positively about our experience at Niraj anytime that the discussion of schooling has come up within our circle of friends, expats and associates.
Mr. George Bishop