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Teaching Methodology


The unique combination of international ethos and Indian academic practises lays the foundation of a truly international citizen. An individual who is able to derive the best from both the worlds finds it easier to employ roots as well as wings.

Niraj International School aims at providing its students with mindful education that they can use as a launch pad for a successful professional and personal life later.  


Niraj International School is very particular about the quality of the teachers employed by the school. Not only are teachers qualified academically, but also compassionate and devoted to teaching.  Professional development is given high importance at NIS. To keep the teachers updated and refreshed, teacher training workshops are organised throughout the year on various topics to develop their professional and personal attributes.  These workshops help in building further capacity and also introduce them to modern teaching tools and methods.

Experts from within and outside are engaged to deliver the training programmes. For training in the methodology, teachers attend several sessions, held at the regional level. Team building, leadership, language improvement, collaboration, goal setting, effective communication, emotional intelligence, problem solving, etiquette, personality development and so on are some of the skills imparted through in-house and outdoor programmes. NIS teachers are specifically trained in handling slow learners too because we believe that each child is unique.Non-teaching staff are also given professional development opportunities at regular intervals in the field of academics and soft skills.